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Participants of the Fiat Abarth Road Rally will hit the road, travelling “Fiat Style”, on a fantastic road trip along scenic Arizona highways to the picturesque town of Payson, AZ.

Arriving at the Bondurant Racing School by 8am, the Fiat Road Rally participants will receive a brief classroom ground school describing the day’s event, road rally procedures, protocol and expectations. After being paired with a teammate and choosing between a Fiat Abarth 124 Spider or Abarth 500, participants are finally prepared for the day’s exciting driving experience.

Lining up behind the lead instructors vehicle, the Abarth Road Rally commences travelling to their first destination, The Hillside Spot Café in Ahwatukee. Participants will make a brief “Cars and Coffee” pit-stop and fuel-up on amazing pastries, baked goods and high octane coffee for the road. Then it’s time get back behind the wheel and drive a fantastic road rally along Arizona highways to the beautiful scenery of Payson, AZ.

While driving through the suburbia of Ahwatukee, Chandler, and Gilbert, on local roads and freeways of the 202 and 101, drivers will get to experience their vehicles “daily commute” ride comfort through traffic before exiting onto the Bush Highway in Mesa. Once on the Bush Highway and away from the suburbs of Phoenix, drivers will now get their first real spirited drive while enjoying the wonderful views of Red Mountain, the Superstition Mountain range, and the Salt River Canyon. The Abarth Road Rally will make it’s next stop at the beautiful Saguaro Lake for a quick restroom break and photo-op near the Saguaro Lake Marina. This is also a great opportunity to switch drivers for the next leg of the rally.

Making their way back onto Bush Highway, the Abarth Road Rally heads north to the Beeline Highway, Rt.87. After turning right onto the Beeline Highway, drivers are treated to the scenic Four Peaks mountain range straight ahead of them. With the wind in their hair, drivers now put their Fiat Abarths through their paces as they ascend through canyons of wild Sonoran desert beauty. The view from their Abarth 124 Spider or 500 is spectacular as they carve their
way up the mountain range, experiencing the ever changing landscape and climate to the Mogollon Rim country of Payson.

As the Abarth Road Rally arrives in this sleepy little mountain town, participants are treated to the aroma and sights of the Mesquite and Pine tree forest set amongst boulder outcroppings. Driving into town it’s time to make a pit-stop for lunch. The Abarth team turns right on to
Highway 260, drives one ½ mile before turning left into the Fargo Steak House restaurant parking lot. This fine establishment offers guests a great casual dining experience in a very Arizona “lodge-like” atmosphere. Road Rally participants can select from a large variety of items on the menu such as steaks, seafood, pasta, and sandwiches to refuel. After lunch it’s time to walk to the cars and head back down to the Valley of the Sun. Driver number 1 jumps back in the drivers seat and experiences the Abarth handling and performance on the winding route of the Beeline Highway. Road Rally participants descend down the mountain and serpentine through canyons lined with Pine trees, then Poplar trees, and finally Saguaro cacti, acknowledging their arrival back to the Sonoran Desert.

The team turns left off the Beeline Highway, onto the Bush Highway, driving back to Saguaro Lake for the final driver change. Driver number 2 now experiences the “daily commute” ride handling as they leave Saguaro Lake and the foothills of the Superstition Mountains to drive through the suburbs of Phoenix, navigating their way back to the Bondurant Racing School, hence wrapping up the Fiat Abarth Road Rally.

The Abarth Road Rally is a great way to conclude Fiat Trackside and/or experience Arizona from behind the wheel of these fun, exciting, and affordable Italian sports cars.


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