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Featuring the Fiat 124 Abarth Spider and 500 Abarth

124spider_fiatside  TRACKSIDE EXPERIENCE 124spider fiatside


The first activity for the Fiat Trackside participants will be a 30 min. ground school, presented by a member of the Bondurant Instructor team, that will cover the fundamentals of High Performance Driving such as vision, seating position, weight transfer, skid control, cornering and driving line techniques.

500_left_rear  TRACKSIDE EXPERIENCE 500 left rear


The first driving activity will be the Slalom exercise. This is a great “warm-up” for the participants, allowing them to progressively become more comfortable with the Abarth 124 and 500 as they work on vision skills, steering inputs, weight transfer, and balance.



To get the best performance out of their Abarth 124’s or 500’s, participants will be taught the “Heel & Toe” shifting technique. After a brief introduction, they’ll be given an opportunity to hone their new skills as they practice shifting on the Bondurant skills pad. The Bondurant Instructor team will coach and ride with the participants while they practice their new skills with the Fiat manual shifter.



After a brief introduction by the Bondurant Instructor team, participants will drive their Abarth 124’s and 500’s around a coned perimeter course while trying to get the best performance out of their vehicle. Skills learned from the ground school and first two exercises are put to the test as participants navigate the course “on the stopwatch” to see who can post the quickest time. The Auto-cross is a great exercise for participants to become comfortable with high performance driving in a controlled and safe environment. Awards will be given to the driver posting the fastest time, and to the driver that appeared to have the most difficulty or most creative driving technique on the Auto-Cross course.

pad_dm21629  TRACKSIDE EXPERIENCE Pad DM21629


Participants will get a specially catered lunch on site, one in keeping with the heritage of the Famous Fiat brand. Lunch will only be for one hour, then it’s time to get back behind the wheel.



Participants will get a little more time to digest their lunch and the morning exercises as a Bondurant Instructor delivers more in-depth High Performance Driving instruction, techniques and discuss the upcoming activities during the afternoon ground school.


  • FIAT RALLY CROSS: The Bondurant Instructor team will lead the participants to the helmet room to be fitted for helmets, then lead the participants to their first on-track activity- the Fiat Rally Cross. Participants will be paired up with a teammate and given a running order. Once behind the wheel, driver #1 pulls up to the “start box” and upon command to go, takes off and navigates their way around the track as quickly aspossible to a “check point box”. Once driver #1 reaches the “check point box” and stops, the passenger switches places with the first driver LeMans style, running around the car to the drivers seat, fastening their seatbelt becoming driver #2. Now it’s their turn to race back to the starting box as quickly as they can and cross the finish line for the win. Participants must bring their vehicles to a complete stop within both boxes or risk being disqualified. This exercise will take place on the Lake Loop portion of the Bondurant Main Track.
  • LEAD & FOLLOW SESSION: Participants will then strap on their helmets and jump behind the wheel of their Abarth 124’s and 500’s. Their instructor will lead them around the track. As the participants follow their instructors, shadowing their every move, the track speeds will progressively get faster, allowing the participants time to become more comfortable and confident behind the wheel.
  • HOT LAPS: Drivers get the full Abarth experience from the passenger seat as their Bondurant Driver/Instructor gives them several “At The Abarth Limit” Hot Laps around the Bondurant Main Track.
2015 Fiat 500 Abarth  TRACKSIDE EXPERIENCE 500 Abarth track

Participants will be given a Fiat Trackside Experience Certificate of Completion and other Abarth related items acknowledging their participation in this unique program.


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